Project progress

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Early 2014
Thanks to the generosity of our friends who bought lots of nice things at our Chrismas Sales, the library shelfs were built and installed, to the great pleasure of all.
Lots of shelves slowly filling up with books...

May 2012
Fresh vegetables for our children, a beautiful dream!
We spent many months looking for land to start a vegetable garden. But this turned out to be more difficult than expected...
We wanted to find a piece of land located as close as possible to the home, so the children can come and help dig, plant and pick their vegetables.
But- prices are very high and keep going higher when the owner of the land realizes that Europeans are involved...
In spite of all that, we didn't give up- and we finally found the garden we were looking for.
The vegetable garden produces lots of heathy and tasty vegetables that Hari uses every day in the kitchen to vary the menu.
Rojin and Min busy gardening

Spring of 2012: the last two children arrived in our home:



November 2011 Big event: we bought a WASHING MACHINE!.
Donated by SOS-3, Barcelona, Spain ( )

April 2011 A special thanks to Etihad Airlines for their generousity in granting us extra weight. This allowed the members of the committee visiting Pokhara to personally deliver your donations. We would also like to thank our friends from the Swiss Alpine Club for having graciously taken yet more clothiong, bedding, toys books etc.

In preparation for the arrival of the next 4 children, 4 additional beds, shelving for books, shoes and toys, as well as 2 very large storage chests have been bought and installed.

Spring 2011: We are very proud to introduce our 4 new children:





October 2010: Our Spanish supporters, SOS-3, have generously supplied a solar panel which has been successfully installed providing much needed light to cover the frequent electricity cuts. They have also arranged for and subsidized an internet connection in the home, which greatly facilitates communications.
They were also able to deliver a large quantity of the towels, clothes, bedding, books and toys that all of you donated and that the children were thrilled with.

June 2010 - The house is complete !
4 children now have a new home!





The house is finished on the inside, showers, toilettes, kitchen installation, living room, painting and some of the furniture.

June 2010: Side view of the house June 2010: Reading in his new bed june 2010: 4 children live in the house! june 2010: The living room

October 2009 - House is finished on the outside ! oct 09

August 2009 - House almost complete August 09

June 2009 - Roof is finished !. June 09

May 2009 - Last floor. May 09

April 2009 - The Second Floor April 09 April 09

March 2009 - finishing walls and ceiling of 1st level
Plumbing and electricity at the same time walls and roof of 2rd level.
February 09

January 2009 - First Floor scaffolding to 1st level February 09

November 2008 - Starting to build :
Ground level
First floor walls

September 2008 - Plans approval

July 2008- Purchase of the land in Multhok, Pokhara , near Lake Side region.