In order to raise money for the project, we organize various fund- raising events.

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Coming Up :

The 2016 HCH Christmas sales This year's sales will take place at
CERN: on Thursday, December 1, 2016, all day
WHO: On Wendesday, December 7, 2016, from 10:00 to 14:00.
As usual, you will find our beautiful calendars, cards, photos and other nice things!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Les Marchés de Noël 2016
auront lieu le jeudi, 1 décembre 2016 toute la journee au CERN
et le Mercredi 7 decembre 2016 de 10:00 - 14:00 a l'OMS.
Vous y touverez nos traditionnelles belles cartes, photos, calendriers etc!
Venez nombreux ! on se rejouis de vous y revoir!

Here is an overview of some of the past events, which turned out to be not only successful thanks to people's generosity and enthusiasm, but also great fun !
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The 2015 HCH Christmas sales
This year’s traditional Christmas sales for the Happy Children’s Home (Pokhara, Nepal) took place on the following dates: at WHO on Wednesday, the 9th December and at CERN on Friday, 11th December 2015.
Once again our calendars, cards, photos and various handmade textile articles from Nepal were a great success. The sale attracted many old and new friends, warm thanks to All.

Les Marchés de Noël 2015
Notre vente de Noël traditionnelle au profit du Happy Children’s Home (Pokhara, Népal) a eu lieu le mercredi 9 décembre à l’OMS, et le vendredi 11 décembre au CERN.
Comme à l’accoutumé, nos calendriers, cartes de voeux, photos, et divers articles en textile fabriqués à la main par une coopérative de femmes ont eu beaucoup de succès. Merci à tous nos amis pour leurs soutien.

HCH Christmas sale 2015

June 2015: Nepali dinner !
Once again we held our summertime dinner in aide of HCH in Mette’s lovely garden- this year it took place on June 28th. Many supporters, friends and families came to enjoy the food and traditional dancing performed by our friend Gauri and the delicious food cooked by Mingma Sherpa who stepped in for Jolie.
Juin 2015: Dinner népalais !
Le 28 juin tous nos supporteurs, amis et leurs familles sont venus nous rejoindre dans le jardin de Mette pour partager un repas népalais. Cette année nous remercions Mingma Sherpa qui a remplacé Jolie au pied levé pour nous régaler et admirer les dances traditionnelles présentées par Gauri.

Abha helping in the kitchen
our chef Mingma Sherpa
Good food and conversation
our star dancer Gauri

December 2014:
CERN physicists travelled to South Asia to bring a plethora of particle physics events to schools, universities and public venues. While in Nepal, the team visited the Happy Children’s Home to deliver gifts and charity funds. (click here to see the article from the CERN Bulletin)

The HCH Christmas sales 2014 took place at CERN on December 3 and WHO on the December 10, 2014.
Thanks to a great collective effort our stalls attracted many visitors. The calendars, as well as the cards, photos and Nepali hand crafts ( sold very well. The money collected will be used for buying cupboards for each of the children's rooms.

Les Marchés de Noël 2014 ont eu lieu le 3 décembre au CERN et le 10 décembre à l'OMS.
Grâce à un bel effort collectif, nos stands ont attiré beaucoup de monde !
Calendriers, cartes, photos et articles d'artisanat népalais ( se sont très bien vendus. Les sommes récoltées seront utilisées pour acheter des placards pour toutes les chambres des enfants.
Christmas Sale

Nepali Dinner June 22, 2014!
On the 22 June 2014 we had our traditional Nepali dinner. Many new friends came to taste the fantastic food cooked by Jolie Pradhan. Without her no genuine Nepali food is served. The weather played its part, adults and children could enjoy sitting and playing outside in the garden. Gauri came once again to let us enjoy her traditional dancing. Thank you for joining us and supporting the home on this occasion.

Diner nepalais 22 juin, 2014!
Cette année nous avons eu le plaisir d'accueillir beaucoup de nouveaux supporteurs lors de notre traditionnel et authentique repas népalais préparé par notre fidèle amie Jolie Pradhan. La météo nous a encore une fois gâté et petits et grands ont pu jouir du jardin, diner al fresco et admirer Gauri présenter une nouvelle danse traditionnelle.

Traditional Nepali dancing
by Gauri!

2013 Christmas sales for the Happy Children's Home

Our traditional Christmas sales for the Happy Children's Home (Pokhara, Nepal) took place at CERN and at the WHO in 10/11 December, 2013.
As usual, our calendars, cards, photos and various handmade textile articles from Nepal ( were a great succes, and allowed us to raise money for purchasing books for the Happy Children's Home library. Thanks to all our friends who came by!

Marché de Noël 2013 - pour Happy Children's Home

Notre traditionnelle vente de Noël au profit du Happy Children's Home (Pokhara, Népal) a eu lieu le 10/11 décembre au CERN et à l'OMS.
Les fonds recoltés cette année par la vente de nos calendriers "collection", cartes de voeux, photos, et articles en textile artisanales du Népal (, seront dediés cette année à l'achat de livres pour la bibliothèque du Happy Children's Home. Merci !

A Theater show 19 & 20 October 2013

The theater show "LE BAL DU LOUP", graciously performed by the Bord'eau amateur theatre group in favor of our «Happy Children's Home»
The two performances were not only very well attended but also a huge success. Many, many thanks to the group for giving so much of their time and enthusiasm in support of our home.
A wonderful and memorable evening for all present!

Production théâtrale le 19 + 20/10/2013

Une pièce de théâtre, "LE BAL DU LOUP", jouée bénévolement par La Compagnie du Bord'eau: au profit de notre «Happy Children's Home»
Les deux représentations ont fait salle comble et remportées un grand succès. Nos remerciements les plus chaleureux à la troupe pour leur temps, enthousiasme et soutien.
Une soirée mémorable et agréable pour tous ceux qui étaient là!
Fun theater show in favor of HCH!

Nepali Dinner June 30, 2013!

Our Nepali friends Jolie and Gauri have once again offered to cook a typical Nepali dinner for us. Over 40 people turned up, had a delicious meal, and to our delight Gauri and her niece performed traditional dances from two different regions.

Nepali Dinner June 30, 2013
Eating and dancing!

May 2013 - Class 9, Geneva International School

Following a project on Children's Rights, the class was asked to search for a project on children in developing countries.

After investigation they chose our orphanage!

They organized a cake sale, a photo sale and donated generously from their own pocket money in favor of Happy Children's Home.

Geneva International School Class 9
April 2011, 2012, 2013 :
Special thanks to ETIHAD Airlines for their generosity, in granting us an extra weight allowance permitting the members of the committee visiting Pokara to personally deliver 60 kg of donations. We would also like to thank our friends from the Swiss Alpine Club in Geneva for having generouly taken yet more clothing, beddings, toys, books, etc.

Avril 2011, 2012, 2013 :
Nos remerciements les plus sincères à ETIHAD Airlines pour nous avoir généreusement accordé un excédent de bagage (poids) qui nous a permis de prendre et distribuer 60kgs d’habits reçus pour les enfants. Nous remercions aussi chaleureusement nos ami(e)s du Club Alpin Suisse dont les membres se rendant au Népal font preuve de générosité et de solidarité en prenant des habits pour les enfants à chaque voyage.

January 2013: Hats and Scarved from UN women

The children were very happy with the new scarves and hats knitted by women working at the UN, that Rajju took back to Nepal for us.

These were particularly useful when the children went on an excursion to Lake Begnas, not to far from Pokhara!

Nice new hats and scarves for everyone!

♥ Chrismas sales 2012!

The HCH Christmas sales took place at CERN on the 4th December and WHO on the 12 December 2012.

We sold our calendars which have become a collector item as well as cards and photos.

For the first time we sold handmade bags from Nepal (
These bags have been designed, woven and made by Nepali woman- they were definitely a major hit It is wonderful to get such fantastic support from people working in these organizations.
CERN 2012 Chrismass Sale

WHO 2012 Chrismass Sale

Automn 2012 - Barcelona Fire Brigade T-shirt donation

Our Spanish partners, the SOS-3 association, received a donation and T-shirts for the children from the Barcelona fire brigade.
The children just loved them!
( )

Children proud to wear Fire Fighters T-shirts

6 December 2011, CERN, 14 December 2011, WHO :

Christmas Sales/Marchés de noël 2011

The end of 2011 was a happy occasion for us.
We were able to meet our old friends and meet new supporters of our Happy Children's Home.
The sales were once more a great success. Our calendars are becoming a collection item.
Thank you everybody for coming and showing such interest and support for our project.
The next 2 children will join our home in spring 2012.
There is still a lot of work ahead!

Hoping to see you next year at the Christmas sales.

La fin de 2011 était pour nous un moment heureux.
C'était l'occasion de revoir nos anciens amis et de rencontrer des nouvelles personnes qui soutiennent notre projet.
La vente de cette année était à nouveau très réussie . Nos calendriers sont devenus carrément des articles de collection !
Merci à vous tous d'être venus si nombreux, et de manifesté autant d’intérêt et de soutien à notre projet.
2 nouveaux enfants sont attendu à la maison au printemps 2012.
Il reste donc enore beaucoup de travail !
Nous nous réjouissons de vous retrouver l'an prochain à nos marchés de noël!

25 June 2011: Nepalese Dinner
We are very lucky to have a wonderful Nepalese friend, Jolie Pradhan, who, with her friend Gauri, agreed to cook a Nepalese dinner for as many people as we could tempt to taste their national specialities. Already the day before, Jolie had started preparing and the entire next day she and Gauri cooked together from early morning. Forty of our supporters came; a wonderful response to our invitation. Jolie's experience in organizing big dinners was extremely useful. We were very lucky as even the weather was on our side and people could stay in Mette's garden until late at night. It was an excellent evening and a most enjoyable dinner.

March 2011 : CERN ATLAS experiment
A very special event took place at CERN (URL) at the end of March 2011: we received a large donation from the ATLAS experiment. A group of scientists from ATLAS created a DVD and two wonderful CDs called ATLAS Music Resonance (http://atlas-music-resonance, or, interpreting anything from classical music to jazz, pop and even their own compositions. None of them had ever done anything like this before. The work was much harder, and took longer than, expected, but nothing stopped their enthusiasm. When sales started in December 2010, it was a huge success: by March 2011 they had already sold over 900 CDs, with the proceeds going to the Happy Children's Home.
The donation will go towards the purchase of a piece of land to create a vegetable garden and playground. Many, many thanks for this amazing present. We hope subsequent sales will be just as successful.

24 November 2010, WHO , 8 December 2010, CERN:
HCH Christmas sales

Our now annual Christmas sales in WHO ( and CERN ( were a huge success. On sale were 2011 calendars, Christmas greeting cards, various photos, watercolour paintings and Himalayan travel books. It was extremely heart-warming to see so many supporters return with such interest in our progress, and enthusiasm to yet again donate generously to the children's home. Part of the funds raised will be used to purchase school supplies and furnish the rooms for the 4 new children arriving in Spring 2011. The remainder has been ear-marked and put aside towards the purchase of a plot of land to be used as a vegetable garden and playground. We hope that this goal will be achieved in the course of 2011/2012.

29 September 2010 : Concert in Barcelona, Spain
Ramon and Monica learned about the orphanage from Sandip in Nepal. They wanted to help, created an non profit organization "SOS-3" in Spain, then organized a concert in Barcelona to raise money for our orphanage. A lot of work went into this project, getting 3 different bands, renting the concert hall, making T-shirts, pins, posters etc.
It was an amazing success, more than 650 people came, an unforgettable evening. Many thanks to everybody who helped make this event possible.

26 September 2010 : Crozet second-hand sale !
Once again Happy Children's Home charity participated in a "fantastic second-hand inter-communal sale". in the centre of Crozet.
Thank you for coming to encourage our committee members selling all kinds of beautiful, interesting and useful donated objects. As usual every centime made at the sale went to the orphanage.

August 2010:
To our surprise two of our loyal supporters celebrated their birthdays by asking all their guests to contribute to the childrens home instead of bringing gifts. Both events well attended and the generosity of the invitees was well beyond our hopes.

6 December 2009 A delicious fund-raising Raclette CMS dinner chez Mette for 18 people. Different types of cheese, potatoes with cold cuts and lots of French wine. It was difficult to find space for deserts. The participants were very generous in their donations and supportive of the whole mission, showing a keen interest in the project's current status and plans for the future.

4 & 16 December 2009: Christmas Sales at CERN and WHO
We sold new photos, Christmas greeting cards, five different types of calendars, Himalayan travel books (gift from D. Traille), and paintings (gifts from G. Lorch and F. Benalycherif) .
Just like the last year, CERN people were very generous!
All collected money will go into equipping the orphanage.

23 October 2009 : Concert at CERN
Masako Hayashi (soprano) accompanied by Anna Bezakoun (piano) interpreted various 19th and 20th century French composers at CERN Main Audithorium. The numerous audience enjoyed their performance and donations in favour of the Happy Children's Home were generous.
The evening was so pleasant and music so beautiful that CERN Music Club invited them to come again!"

27 September, 3 October, 8 November, 2009
HCH particpated in three "second-hand inter-communal sales" (kind of a multi-village garage sale) in Crozet and Peron.
The day started with rain, but then the sunshine came and with it hundreds of people.
Many thanks to all those who donated their unused objects, to the people who cleaned, loaded, arranged, sold, packed and advertised as well as to all the friends of HCH who came to browse, buy, chat or simply encourage us.

9 August 2009 -
Helenka Przysiezniak-Frey ran the Sierre-Zinal race.

Many famous runners from all over the world participated this year.
Helenka ran really well: she ranks 8th in her category FII,
She arrived 319th in the overall homme/femme category out of 3842 participants.
She can be very proud of her achievment, and we thank her for helping to raise money for our Happy Children's Home.

25 April 2009: Spring sale at the Holy Trinity Church, Geneva.
books, marmalade, jams, bric-a-brac, Watercolors, pictures, cards, photos and - refreshments too!

March 2009 we organized a fund- raising gourmet dinner chez Mette for 18 people,
The guests were the ones who decided on the menu, and opted for a raclette dinner. They savored a delicious Raclette on potatoes with cold cuts, lots of fine wine and Mette's famous deserts.

February 2009 we organized a Jazz concert, in the Kentucky Dance Club in Prevessin, generously rented to us for a symbolic price for the event. .

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♥ The first events, Christmas Sales at the World Health Organization (WHO) and in CERN, took place in December 2008 and January 2009 We sold watercolors, photos, cards, greeting cards, calendars... .
At the CERN sale we also offered the possibility to sponsor windows, doors, furniture and bricks....